ACS contsys – ACS Control

ACS contsys – ACS Control

Instrumentation: Flow, Temperature, Level, Pressure, Indicator, Recorder, Radar

Baumer - Sensors

Inductive, Capacitive, Optic, Ultrasonic, Magnetic, Force & Strain

Baumer – Instrument

Temperature, Level, Pressure, Conductivity, Process Indicators

Baumer - Encoders

Incremental, absolute, tachogenerators, HeavyDuty, bearingless, linear, cable transducers, inclination sensors.


Power supplies, PLC, HMI, controlers, frequency inverters, CNC equipment, Servo motors and drives, IT equipment.


Safety relays, soft-starters, solid-state relays, varimeter, time relays, monitoring relays for power systems.


Controllers, position transducers, frequency inverters, pressure sensors, solid-state relays, indicators.


Push-buttons, lamps and indicators, emergency push-buttons, main switches, limit switches.


All-in-one PLC, I/O cards, HMI, GSM, Motion, Servo drive.


Box PC, Panel PC, Rack PC, Monitor, HMI panels, Remote access.


Load-cells, scale controllers and indicators, measurement transducers, printers.


PID temperature controllers, data loggers, indicators, power network analyzers, current transformers, A/V meters, solid-state relays, calibration devices.


Unmanaged and Managed Ethernet switches, Wireless, Media converters, POE.


Signal lights and audible alarms, signal towers, LED signalization, Ex.


Pneumatics: cylinders, valves, block valves, auxiliaries, sensors.


Safety light curtains/barriers, safety relays and PLCs, safety sensors and encoders, laser scanners.


4.3” – 15” HMI touch panels with drivers for all PLCs.


SCADA InTouch, System Platform, MES system, InBatch, Prometheus.


Circuit breakers, relays, Motor Protection Relays, frequency inverters, power supplies, PLC, HMI.

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ACS Control

Instrumentation: level, pressure, flow, temperature, display, controller, recorder


Sensors, instruments (level, pressure, temperature), encoder, vision


Power supply, Ethernet switches, IoT, controllers, PLC, HMI, CNC


Safety device, monitoring and control devices, soft starters, breaks, interlock systems


Temperature and process controllers, indicator, power, sensors, inverters


Push buttons, Lamp, cam switches, limit switches, joystick


All-In- One PLC, digital and analog I/O, power control modules, HMI


Teleservice, GSM/GPRS, VPN, Modem, Routers


Load cells, weight transmitters, weight controllers, transmitter, printers


PID temperature controllers, indicators, power analyzer, SSR, current trafo


Signal tower, LED lighting, audible alarm, voice synthesizer, hybrid products


Cylinder, Valves, Solenoid Valves, Air service units, Sensors, Fittings


Safety light curtains, safety relays & PLC, sensors, laser scanner, sensors


Touch Panels from 4.3″ up 15″, Open HMI

SCADA/HMI software, System Platform Next, MES, Reports, Alarming, Historia


Ethernet switches, wireless, media converters, serial devices, PoE

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