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Lokacija PROEL

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About us

Your partner for automation.

Movement is all around us. Impulses, energy, control – these values are present both in nature and in organized systems of machines where motion is communicated through a controlled mechanism of central automation. This is what an advanced form of the production process looks like. By using high-tech solutions in processes, we have a greater ability to influence production and anticipate what will happen tomorrow.

The coming year will be a year of digitization and automation, as will many others to follow. It is up to us to refine, design, and adapt it to achieve better results and to ultimately develop in a better, more perfect world. We interpret development in nature through evolution. The same applies to technological processes. To be more efficient, faster, stronger, and larger, we need appropriate, calculated development. We must progress. This is a fundamental economic as well as a natural human aspiration.

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Expanding our views

During the development of our company we have opened a branch office in Slovenia to increase our influence in the region. We plan to open another office in Germany to expand to the market of central Europe. We work on various projects in Middle East and we are looking forward to spread our influence and gain new experiences worldwide.

New products and services

For us the future is now. This is why we are constantly developing. The latest addition to the services we offer are robots from world renowned manufacturers and custom design Vision systems.

The world is our playground

Even thought most of are projects are located in Croatia we are proud to say we have also worked on various projects in Serbia, Slovenia, France, Italy, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Algeria… The experience we have gained on these projects allowed us to improve our services and gave us an opportunity to implement global trends in automation on Croatian market.

Competing with the best

ProElektronika d.o.o. was founded with a vision of becoming a leading distributor for high-quality industrial equipment in the region. Beside procurement of spare parts and industrial equipment which we represent, we can provide our customers with replacements for specialized equipment that is difficult to find. Our main advantage on the market is that every member of our expert team has a degree in industrial automation. Furthermore, our engineers continuously attend certified educational
programs and in-house trainings. In the last couple of years we have specialized in automation in the fields of industry, energy, machine safety and weighing technology.

ProElektornika d.o.o.

Our position on the market was achieved thanks to our work on a great number of high quality projects and through professional relationship with our clients with whom we share professional values. For this reason our company is able to constantly grow and develop.

We are successful at what we do and our clients are part of that success.

Customer satisfaction

Achieving customer satisfaction with our products and services, expansion to new markets with specialized products for use in food and beverage industry, wood industry, pulp and paper industry and other production facilities.

Product placement

Placement of new products and services on the market and implementation of latest technological solution in automation in order to guarantee high quality service for our clients.

Safety & Improvement

Prevention of injuries and professional ailments by risk assessment in accordance with System for quality control, health and workplace safety and current legal regulations. Education and specialization of the new and already existing staff.

ProElektronika d.o.o.

Radnička cesta 177,
10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
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